PH310 insulin pump-2.jpg


    PHRAY Manufactory Portable Medical Insulin Pump Diabetic Insulin Syringe Infusion Pump support data record

    Model: PH310

    Product features:


    1. 24 and 48 total basals for selection

    2. Big screen with backlight and simple list menu to use easily

    3. Support APP and BT

    4. Powered by 1 AAA Alkaline battery, low expenses for patients

    5. Available for all brands of infusion sets

    6. Dual microprocessors for continuous cross checking to protect safety

    7. Doctor Mode to care Patients

    8. Auto lock screen to avoid operation mistakes

    9. Auto reset for screw droved by motor from Swiss

    10. Auto-calculate the filling insulin

    11. Pulse infusion to improve the efficacy, whatever in basal or in bolus

    12. Intelligent computerized system to memory the bolus settings which in the last morning, noon, and afternoon

    13. Adjustable for the waiting time before the bolus