Is Apple's sugar content high? Is the sugar friend suitable for eating apples?

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       We all know that diabetes is a disease that requires strict control of blood sugar. The more influence a certain diet has on blood sugar, the less suitable it is for sugar friends; on the contrary, those who have little effect on blood sugar can eat with confidence. So, can sugar friends eat apples? Today we will take a look at this issue.

        To determine the effect of food on blood sugar, mainly depends on three indicators of food: glycemic index, sugar content and blood sugar load. So what about Apple’s data?

        Learn about Apple's ability to rise sugar: its glycemic index GI is 36, sugar content is about 12%, and sugar load GL is about 4.4, which means that apples are low GI foods and low GL foods. From these three data, apples have less effect on blood sugar, so diabetics can eat apples. But still the old saying, sugar friends can eat anything, nothing can not eat. Once any food is eaten too much, the sugar-reducing food will turn into sugar, so sugar users need to pay attention to the amount of apples.

The benefits of sugar friends eating apples

1, lose weight

For the more obese sugar friends. Apple contains pectin, pectin can produce satiety, delay gastric emptying, slow down intestinal transport, affect the mixing of food and digestive enzymes, hinder the formation of micro-micelles, resulting in a decrease in the dispersion of nutrients on the surface of intestinal mucosa. Thereby affecting the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and fats. Achieve weight loss.

        2, regulate blood sugar

        Apple is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, polyphenols, and flavonoids, which helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, protect the heart, and prevent coronary heart disease. The chromium rich in apples can increase the sensitivity of insulin and help lower blood sugar. Apple also contains acid substances such as malic acid, which is also very helpful for the regulation of blood sugar.

        3. Improve insulin sensitivity

The gelatin and vector element chromium in apples keep blood sugar stable and increase insulin sensitivity.


        Although the benefits of eating apples are many, but sugar friends should also pay attention to it, the daily consumption of apples is best controlled within 200 grams, probably the size of a fist. For those with unstable blood sugar, it is best to eat only half an apple at a time. Apple is a good choice for eating food. Try to avoid peeling when eating apples, because most of the vitamins and pectin in apples are in the skin and near skin. . Sugar friends eat apples and drink apple juice are two different concepts, do not confuse, because apple juice will lose some of the dietary fiber and vitamin C, easier to digest and absorb, in fact, the rate of glycemic will become faster. So sugar friends are good for apples, not apple juice.